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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bizarre Football-related Games/Memoribilia

Anyone who knows me well enough will be aware of my unhealthy affliction of being a football fan. With this comes a further obsession with any piece of tat that is associated with it. This includes games with a football theme. For most people (me included), this usually manifests itself in the video game, FIFA (yep, i can be that boorish). However, i did manage to discover these games of yore created before the days of FIFA, PRO-EVO or even Subuteo. The lazy football fan of the past whose shoes i began to fill around 1998 would play these strange assortment of games instead of actually taking a football to a park. It was in these ways that the football lazy boy would emulate his heroes' real-life achievements. One of the finest out of this maverick bunch of misfit games to me is the one in which the players appear to be key figures of politics, entertainment and the army just after the turn of the century, namely Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Haig and David Lloyd George. Anyway, i hope you enjoy them as much as my childish mind has. More football related stuff to come. Stay tuned, folks. That's right, all 14 of you.

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