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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


In the summer of 2010, myself, Lee Holland, Cressida Knapp, Chloe Simos and Mihyun Kwon undertook a project based upon the 'outsider art' idea of untapped artistic potential amongst people who would not usually draw, paint or take photographs. It was essentially a means of de-mystifying the idea of Art and Design to such people. It occurred to us that beyond a certain age, most people stopped drawing as a recreational activity. We went to the streets of London and set up multiple trestle tables and encouraged by-passers to draw their idea of their alter-ego or rather what they saw their inner person as being (a subject that we felt would be abstract yet accessible enough for people to grasp). This was to culminate in an online display of these images and a physical exhibition of the work in the newly renovated Brixton Village indoor market.

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